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about the classical isoperimetrical problem and related maximalization problems: An interesting optimization problem family - Isoperimetric problems (Problems - Solutions)

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(PDF, Updated at Apr 27, 2013) English version of the book: An interesting optimization problem family - Zoltán Major - Hungarian version of the book: Egy izgalmas szélsőértékfeladat család - Major Zoltán

Enjoy my favorite math problems: False coin * How old are the kids? * Isoperimetric problem * A maximalization problem * Fibonacci numbers * Minkowski-inequality * Tesseract * The Flash Mind Reader * Chessboard math * Math Jokes


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Meet Famous Hungarians  and Hungarian-born persons who affected and shaped the world. The great Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi was once asked if he believed in extraterrestrials. "Sure I do," he said. "I know a lot of them personally. They're called Hungarians." What Fermi was saying was not that Hungarians are strange, though they are; what he meant to say was that Hungarians are too damn smart to be human ...


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Here are interesting information and articles about Apple Macintosh computers, Mac OS X operating system and related things, that are important in my life and work.

The Xcode chapter contains hungarian translation of BecomeAnXcoder.  BecomeAnXcoder  Learn C. Learn C  Learn Objective-C.  Learn Objective-C