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A Bio-garden: how to create one yourself in 13 simple steps

BIO garden 13 steps

Opening its door will not make you an instant expert, as this is not the aim of these pages. Moreover once you’ve decided to create one yourself, you’ll soon discover that practice will be your best teacher – as often in real life.

Step 1 : Everything is there already
Step 2 : Discover the unique bio-rhythm
Step 3 : Stimulate nature’s built-in wisdom
Step 4 : Use motherly intuition
Step 5 : Weed properly with patience
Step 6 : Be a detached observer
Step 7 : Distribute your efforts
Step 8 : Encourage and communicate
Step 9 : Experiment
Step 10 : Recycle all resources
Step 11 : Be grateful
Step 12 : Share
Step 13 : Transpose the physical onto the meta-physical

A Bio-garden: how to create one yourself in 13 simple steps

Gardening Tips from expert gardener Melinda Myers

Gardening tips: Growing Green, Flowers, Edibles, Trees, Shrubes and Roses, Lawns, and Groundcovers, Indoors.

Melinda’s books:
• Growing Green
• Flowers
• Edibles
• Trees, Shrubs and Roses
• Lawns and Groundcovers
• Indoors
• Gardening for Your Health
• How to Hire A Professional
• Installing Patios, Walks & Walls
• Designing with Dwarf Conifers
• Arbor Tips

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