Apple Macintosh computers


I met with an Apple Lisa at the end of the 70s years. IT staff of the National Planning at the time got in two such machines. It was a curiosity in that time in Hungary, because of Apple machines were in CO-COM list before 1990, the importation was prohibited in our country. As a student I was there in summer practice and a life-defining experience was that one hour, when I tested one of the Apple machines.

I could be in contact with the computer using the mouse and the keyboard, and I could use it without any previous experience in a minute. Great was the contrast between the ICL System-470 computer, the office machine and the Apple comuters. The office machine worked with punched cards at the first time and with some intelligent teletype (typewriter in practice) later …

In the following years began to spread of personal computers. For years, I only looked in the computer shops the IBM XT machines, at the time you reach them astronomical price of 1-1,5 million forints of height.

At the start of the 90s yearI was able to get to know more about the PC / Windows world.
Then in 1993, a very beautiful moment was in my life where I could take my first Macintosh: a Macintosh IISi machine, Apple printer, scanner.

Then followed:

Power Macintosh 4400, Power Macintosh 8600, Power Macintosh 9600, Power Mac G4, iMac (Power PC G5), Imac (Intel Core 2 Duo) …

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