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Using Tables for Layout or don’t use them?

Table-design or not table design?

Before CSS World everybody used tables for making HTML layout.

Todays some people use tables for layout other people don’t use at all.

You can find lot’s of articles, blogs about why do not use tables for layout.

And what about HTML5?

Is it offered, invalid or permitted?

The answer may be surprising: it is not recommended, but you can use this old technique!

The correct solution is the following. There are a few possibilities to indicate for browsers, for search engine robots that the actual table is not for data structure, rather than for layout. One of them is the role attribute that says that table is for presentation. So for example the following code can be a page layout in HTML5:

<table role=”presentation”> … </table>

Read more about how you can use tables for layout in HTML here.

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