The Frozen Apple

I took this photograph during the winter in Kőszeg, Hungary. The autumn had been so warm that this apple remained on the tree and become frost-bitten.


Daily Dozen

I have uploaded it to National Geographic "Your Shot" page.

I was very happy because it was the selected Daily Dozen photo at August 14, 2007. You can find my photo on National Geographic HomePage, select the Week 3 in August 2007, and find the photo.

(Note: After you selected week 3 in August 2007, please click 4 times on the little right arrow at the right part of the little photos, and you can find the little frozen apple photo there.)

But this is not the end of the story. From the Daily Dozen, two photos are published monthly in National Geographic printed magazine. At August 20 we were with my family on Lake Balaton and went on an nightly excursion in the mountain. I saw the panorama on the picture below when my handy has ringed.


There were some connection problem, we could talk with difficulty only, the vice editor had to call me more time, but finally he could let me know: my photo has been selected to show in the printed magazine. I was so surprised and really happy. It was a very nice day! I never forget it!

So the photo was printed in the National Geographic Magazine (United State, October 2007):



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