Dudlesz Forest

Forest and beer

We were walking in the Sopron Dudlesz Forest in the days. This forest is situated from Sopron to the Austrian border.

The European Union has launched the Natura 2000 program that is designed to prevent the loss of biodiversity in the continent, to build an ecological network to keep the significant individual or endangered species and habitat types on the designated places of the whole of Europe. The Forest Dudlesz has a particular importance in this program as a part the National Park Fertő Hanság, it is a special nature conservation area with emphasized significance.

Norbert Frank writes in his doctoral dissertation:

“The Dudlesz forest for centuries played an important role in the life of the free royal town Sopron. The main function was to supply firewood for the city’s population and the proximity population. The research in the military and civil map archival showed the intensive use of the forest of centuries. The maps show a gradual reduction of the forest area because of the Treaty of Trianon, of the city’s livestock pasture growth due to demand, as well of the wine-growing situation around of Sopron.”

“I made the point map of 32 protected rare plants in the Dudlesz Forest, as well as the main database of special oaks of this region around so-called: marhacsapa (Viehtrieft, Kahle Leiten).”

Some winter pictures from Hubertus look-out tower in the Dudlesz Forest:


The oak and pine forests are not really parts of tourist park, tourist signs can not be met. But can be met wallows preferable by forest pigs.

You can see that hunters and others often visit the area to find empty beer flasks and boxes in everywhere in the forest.

I like beer. Sometimes like to drink a bottle of beer. But I do not disperse the beer bottle or box in the home, the street, park . Dear gentlemen hunters and tourists! The forest does not like the garbage!