Insert your signature in a PDF document in Lion

You can past your signature to a PDF file just using Preview program and your Mac’s built in camera!

It’s easy, fast and effective thanks to new feature of the Preview’s annotate tools in Lion.

The default Mac OS X document opener (and PDF reader) is the Preview program. Preview had an excellent feature in the previous mac OS X systems, this is the Annotate. Annotate allows users to slightly modify ordinary PDF documents, you can insert text, notes, arrows, … You van’t completely editing the PDF file, but it’s possible to fill in any PDF form using the annotation feature.

Sometime you have to sign the document with filled form and send it by e-mail. You can do it in the Lion directly. Lets see the steps.

Open a PDF file with Preview.
Find in the Annotate button in the toolbar (it looks like a pencil) and click it to bring up the Annotations Bar. You can find a couple of new additions here in Lion. One of them is the Signature button.
Click on this button.
Select “Create Signature from Camera” from the menu you get.

Using a thick pen with black ink for example write your signature on a piece of paper.
Hold the paper up close to your Mac’s camera, move the paper to that position to get the best signature and then click the Accept button:

After you accept, just click in the PDF document where you want the signature to place. When you hover the cursor over different parts of the document, you can see lines and boxes highlighted blue, indicating that the program detected a possible place to put the signature. You can click and drag on any of the image “handles” to resize the signature to fit, and also you can click and drag from the middle of the image to move the signature so it should be well positioned on the PDF document.

Signatures that you add using Signature Capture will be stored in Preview program and you can place them to all your documents. Just click on the Signature button and all signatures you have will be showed and you can select the suitable one or choosing “Manage Signatures” allows you manage the signatures: add new or delete some old one.

That’s all to adding your live signature to a PDF via Preview. Enjoy!