Library folder in Lion

Sometime you need to go to your Home/Library folder, but Apple hid this Library folder in Lion by default. It is there still of course and there are several ways to go there. Better to know about them.

Let’s select Go in the Finder menu:

There is no here Library folder. Just click on the Option button on the keyboard and hold it down,  you will see and you can select the Library folder between the Home and the Computer lines:

Alternatively you can select the  Go to Folder … line in the Go menu  and enter:  ~/Library and click on Go button.

(You can enter only  Library if  your Home folder is previously selected in the Finder.)

If you are familiar in Terminal commands, you can use some other possibilities.

- Just enter the following command in the Terminal:

cd ~/Library

and you are in the Library directory and you can do what you want.

- The

open ~/Library

command will open the Library folder in the Finder, this is similar as the first solution above.

- The

chflags nohidden ~/Library

command will change Library folder’s flag, so it will be visible in the Finder. Use this command only if you use often the Library folder.

You can do it invisible again using the following Terminal command:

chflags hidden ~/Library