New Folder With Selection in Lion

This new feature in Lion helps you organize your documents in Finder.

Before you could make a new folder, name it and move selected files to this folder. Instead, with this new feature, you can select the files, one click and name the new folder and ready.

It should be noted however, this work well if the selected files are in the same folder and new folder will be created in the same folder, too.

Let’s see a sample.

Select 1.pdf, 2.pdf and 3.pdf files in the current folder:

Right click with the mouse (or hold down the ctrl button with the mouse click) on of the selected items and select New Folder With Selection from the pop-up menu.

You will see a new folder in the actual folder, the selected items are moved to this new folder and the folder’s title is highlighted, so you can type the name you want there:

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