The W3C: World Wide Web Consortium

W3C develops interoperable technologies to lead the Web to its full potential.

This is the basic page about Internet: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C is a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding. On this page, you’ll find W3C news, links to W3C technologies and ways to get involved. New visitors can find help in Finding Your Way at W3C. W3C encourages organizations to learn more about W3C and about W3C Membership.

The World Wide Web Consortium is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

W3C’s mission is:

To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web.

W3C Develops Web Standards and Guidelines

W3C Is an International Consortium

W3C: World Wide Web Consortium

W3C Members

The current member list: W3C Members

Team Gallery

W3C: W3C Team An Explanation of the Standards of the Web and the Group Who Determines Them

At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML, to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP.

You will find here

HTML Tutorials: Learn HTML, Learn XHTML, Learn CSS, Learn TCP/IP
XML Tutorials. Learn XML, Learn DTD, Learn XML DOM, Learn XSLT, Learn XSL-FO, Learn XPath, Learn XQuery, Learn XLink, Learn XPointer, Learn Schema, Learn XForms, Learn SOAP, Learn WSDL, Learn RDF, Learn RSS, Learn WAP, Learn Web Services
Browser Scripting: Learn JavaScript, Learn HTML DOM, Learn DHTML, Learn VBScript, Learn AJAX, Learn E4X, Learn WMLScript
Server Scripting : Learn SQL, Learn ASP, Learn ADO, Learn PHP
.NET (dotnet): .NET Microsoft, .NET ASP, .NET Mobile
Multimedia: Learn Media, Learn SMIL, Learn SVG, Learn Flash
Web Building: Web Building, Web Browsers, Web Hosting, Web W3C, Web Quality, Web Semantic, Web Careers, Web Certification

Also collection of references, character sets, examples, statistics, quizzes, certifications, validators help you learn.

W3: The best things in life are free!

Markup Validation Service

This validator checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc. If you wish to validate specific content such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets, MobileOK content, or to find broken links, there are other validators and tools available.

Validator: Markup Validation Service

W3C Semantic Web Activity

The Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. It is a collaborative effort led by W3C with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners. It is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF).

The Semantic Web is a web of data. There is lots of data we all use every day, and it is not part of the web. I can see my bank statements on the web, and my photographs, and I can see my appointments in a calendar. But can I see my photos in a calendar to see what I was doing when I took them? Can I see bank statement lines in a calendar?

Why not? Because we don’t have a web of data. Because data is controlled by applications, and each application keeps it to itself.

The Semantic Web is about two things. It is about common formats for integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources, where on the original Web mainly concentrated on the interchange of documents. It is also about language for recording how the data relates to real world objects. That allows a person, or a machine, to start off in one database, and then move through an unending set of databases which are connected not by wires but by being about the same thing.

Semantic Web: W3C Semantic Web


MyFax supports 178 files types including files created by most popular word processors and graphics programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIF, GIF, JPEG, etc.

MyFax Free lets you send a fax at no charge through the Web to 41 countries including the US, Canada, most of Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea.

MyFax: Free Fax

Whats that site running?

Enter an URL address to the form and netcraft will tell you what operating system and what web server is running there with other informations such us IP address, netblock owner…

Netcraft: Netcraft

DNS Stuff

WHOIS Lookup – Lists contact info for a domain/IP
Reverse DNS Lookup – Enter IP/IPv6 (or host name
DNS Timing – Check speed of your DNS hosting
ISP Cached DNS Lookup – Check cached DNS at major ISPs.
Traceroute – Traces the route packets take to this host.
Spam Database Lookup – See if a mail server is in any spam database
DNSreport – Check your DNS health
DNS Lookup – Look up a DNS record (A, MX, NS, SOA, etc.)
IP Information – Shows info about an IP, including city and country
IPWHOIS Lookup – Lists contact info for a domain/IP
PING – Shows duration for packets to reach a host.

DNSstuff: Your destination for lots of dns and networking tools

The IP

What is IP address (Internet Protocol Address), Domain Name Server (DNS), Dynamic IP Address, Static IP Address, IP version 4, 5, 6? You will here clear definitions.

WhatisMyIP: Just one click and you will see your IP address in the browser window

Send large files to anyone with TransferBIGFiles…

Just select the files you want to send and TransferBigFiles will email the recipient with a link to the download page, and it’s FREE!

TransferBIGFiles: TransferBIGFiles

Plenty: Send, receive and track large and important files.

Send unlimited 2GB files and folders. Send files to anyone with advanced options like password protection and certified delivery.

YouSendIt: YouSendIt

Send big files the easy way

Sendspace Lite™ relies on advertising to support this free service. Providing server disk space and bandwidth is costly. We rely on advertisers to maintain a free service.

SendSpace: SendSpace

Send large files when email won’t, with MailBigFile

Many ISP’s limit the size of files that can be attached to an email, often as little as 10 or 20 MB’s is the maximum size.

MailBigFile: MailBigFile

DropSend: Want to send large files? We’ve got the answer.

Store Files Online, Your hard drive, online. Use it to…

DropSend: DropSend

SendThisFile: File Transfer Service

SendThisFile allows you to easily send and receive large files to and from anyone, anywhere.

SendThisFile: SendThisFile

What is Vuze?

Vuze is the most popular media player for high-res digital videos. Millions around the world use Vuze daily to Find, Download, and Play HD videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and TiVo.

Vuze: Vuze

GMT: Greenwich Mean Time – World Time / Time in every Time Zone

Greenwich, England has been the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) since 1884. GMT is sometimes called Greenwich Meridian Time because it is measured from the Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Greenwich is the place from where all time zones are measured.

Where is Greenwich, England?

Longitude 0° 0′ 0″ Latitude 51° 28′ 38″N (North of the Equator)

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is also known as Zulu Time

Greenwich Mean Time HP

Wikipedia: GMT: Greenwich Mean Time

Time and Date: GMT – Greenwich Mean Time

National Data Buoy Center: What is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)?

Eye In The Tropics Photography: Greenwich Time – World Time since 1884

Greenwich 2000: Why is Greenwich, England so important to the World?

Internet Archive

About the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.

Internet Archive: Internet Archive

Web Archive: WaybackMachine

Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible. Keyword searching is not currently supported., the Internet archive at the New Library of Alexandria, Egypt, mirrors the Wayback Machine. Try your search there when you have trouble connecting to the Wayback servers.

Internet Archive: WaybackMachine

Internet Archive’s Live Music library

Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

Archive’s audio and MP3 library

Internet Archive: Audio

Open-Access Text Archive

Internet Archive: Text Archive

Large Scale Data Repository: Petabox Petabox

Bibliotheca Alexandrina: The Mirror of Internet Archive

Bibalex: The Internet Archive at BA

BA Web Archive

Bibalex: Web Archive

BA Movie Archive

Bibalex: Movie Archive

BA Television Archive

Bibalex: TV Archive



Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin named the search engine they built “Google,” a play on the word “googol,” the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name reflects the immense volume of information that exists, and the scope of Google’s mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.3

More information:



Google Maps

is a Google service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology and local business information — including business locations, contact information, and driving directions.

Google Maps: Maps

Google Earth

lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

View historical imagery

Go back in time with historical imagery

Explore the ocean

Record your tour

Google Earth: Explore, Search and Discover, 3D maps

Do you want an own google map to your web page?

Yes, the Google Maps API lets you embed very different Google Maps in your own web pages.

Signup: Own google map

Google mail

Gmail makes email easy and efficient. And maybe even fun.

Mail: Gmail: Google Mail

Google Calendar

Calendar: Organize your schedule and share events with friends

Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed

Chrome: Google Chrome

Google Goggles

Use pictures to search the web!

Goggles: Google Goggles

Google and Munkácsy

On Mihaly Munkacsy’s 167th birthday, Google Hungary has a special logo for him.

További információk: Google Hungary Mihaly Munkacsy Logo




PayPal: The safer, easier way to send and receive money

More information about PayPal: PayPal




One of the hugest weathers forecaster portal, with much information, data practically for any points of the Earth present, past, concerned in connection with his weather which can be waited for in the immediate future.

AccuWeather: weathers forecaster portal

NetWeather from AccuWeather

Meteoalarm – Alerting Europe for extreme Weather will provide the most relevant information needed to prepare for extreme weather, expected to occur somewhere over Europe:

Meteoalarm: Meteoalarm

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is the UN system’s authoritative voice on the state and behaviour of the Earth’s atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources.