Liquid Sculpture

Liquid Sculpture images are fluids in motion, frozen in time by a flash of light. They are droplets witnessed in mid-splash.

Liquidsculpture: Water drops

Beautiful photos about translucent creatures

National Geographic Photos: Translucent Creatures

Beautiful photos about underwater creatures

National Geographic Photos: Underwater Creatures

Alien Caterpillars

Useloss: catepillars, worms, maggots …

10 Most Extreme Places on Earth

Lut Desert (Iran): hottest place on Earth at 159 °F (71 °C)
Mt. Chimborazo (Ecuador): highest point above Earht’s center at 20,703 feet (6,310 m) above sea level
Tristan de Cunha (UK): most remote inhabited archipelago on Earth at 2,000 miles from the nearest continent
Angels Falls (Venezuela): Earth’s highest waterfall with 3230 feet (984 m) in height
Oymyakon (Russia): coldest inhabited place on Earth at −96.2 °F (−71.2 °C)
The Dry Valleys (Antarctica): driest place on Earth
Marianas Trench (Indonesia and Japan): lowest point on Earth at 35,840 feet (10,924 m) below sea level
Lloro (Colombia): wettest place on Earth
Mount Thor (Canada): Earth’s greatest vertical drop
Dead Sea (Jordan): Earth’s lowest elevation at 1,385 ft (422 mt) below sea level
Oddee: Extreme Places

Dogs, pandas, horses, snails …

Daily Mail Online: Poodle doodles

Sensational photos – they must see!

Stop: Rare moments!

25 Unbelievable Pictures You May Have Never Seen Before

GeekArmy: photos


Richard Gere: The Hoax

Golden Globe® winner Richard Gere (Shall We Dance?, Chicago) leads a stellar cast in The Hoax, the thrilling and unbelievably true story of the man who almost pulled off the biggest literary con of the 20th century.

The Hoax

The writer Clifford Irving nearly pulled off one of the most audacious media scams in history, when his “autobiography” of Howard Hughes was published. Irving claimed the book was based on in-person interviews with the reclusive billionaire, which were in fact completely bogus.

Yahoo Movie: The Hoax


Famous Hoaxes Throughout History

BEFORE 1700:

Maybe it’s historically inaccurate to talk about hoaxes before 1700. …

AFTER 2000:

Hoaxes have never been as much a part of daily lives as they are now in the 21st Century.

Museum of Hoaxes: A history of hoaxes


Virus Hoaxes

There are a lot of viruses out there. But some aren’t really out there at all. Virus hoaxes are more than mere annoyances, as they may lead some users to routinely ignore all virus warning messages, leaving them vulnerable to a genuine, destructive virus.
Next time you receive an urgent virus warning message, be sure to check the list of known virus hoaxes below.

Remember: Never open an email attachment unless you know what it is–even if it’s from someone you know and trust.

Remember that virus writers can use known hoaxes to their advantage. For example, AOL4FREE began as a hoax virus warning. Then somebody distributed a destructive trojan attached to the original hoax virus warning! The lessons are clear:
- Always remain vigilant
- Never open a suspicious attachment

HoaxBusters: the BIG LIST of Internet Hoaxes

Computer Virus Hoaxes

RBS2: Hoax

Latest Email Hoaxes – Current Internet Scams Hoax Slayer


This page provides definitions for a number of terms visitors to snopes.com might be unfamiliar with. Snopes

Virus or Hoax?

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Chain Letter Spam & Hoaxes

CyberTopCops: Hoax Examples

The Sugar-Free Hoax

WilStar: The Sugar-Free Hoax

Apollo Moon Photos: a Hoax?

Ian Goddard: Are Apollo Moon Photos Fake?, by Ian Williams Goddard

Hoax job offer email examples

Action Aid Hoax job offer email examples