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Creating your first website

This tutorial introduces you to the concept of an Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 site and shows you how to set up the project files for the Check Magazine sample website. In Dreamweaver, a site generally consists of two parts: a collection of files on a local computer (the local site) and a location on a remote web server to which you upload files when you’re ready to make them publicly available (the remote site). You use the Dreamweaver Files panel to manage the files for your site.

Free Dreamweaver Tutorials and Learning

The following Dreamweaver tutorials and tutorial links are provided to help Dreamweaver users learn and build their website design and development skills.

Adobe Dreamweaver – Adobe TV

DREAMWEAVER CS5.5 – JQUERY MOBILEBuilt upon the wildly popular jQuery JavaScript framework, jQuery Mobile lets web designers and developers build mobile application interfaces quickly and consistently. In this video, we’ll take a look at Dreamweaver CS 5.5′s support for jQuery Mobile projects.Runtime : 00:02:30

DREAMWEAVER CS5.5 – NATIVE MOBILE APPLICATIONSNative phone and tablet applications are increasingly becoming a component of modern web projects. In this video we’ll show how Dreamweaver CS 5.5 integrates with the popular PhoneGap framework to use your existing web design and development skills to build native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.Runtime : 00:02:34

DREAMWEAVER CS5.5 – MULTISCREEN AUTHORINGDreamweaver CS 5.5 has many new enhancements that can help you both quickly build out mobile interfaces to your existing sites, applications and projects, and easily build mobile-specific sites and applications. Let’s explore!Runtime : 00:03:43

DREAMWEAVER CS5.5 – CSS AUTHORINGWith CSS3 support well-established in modern browsers, designers and developers alike are able to create rich visual effects like rounded corners, gradients, opacity and shadows – without needing image files. In this video we’ll take a look at Dreamweaver CS 5.5′s updated CSS3 support and how you can start using it to enhance your sites and projects.Runtime : 00:03:24

Dreamweaver Tutorial

Welcome to our Free Dreamweaver Tutorial section! Here you will learn some cool Dreamweaver tips, Dreamweaver Behaviors, CSS in Dreamweaver, Using Templates in Dreamweaver and more!

We also have Free Dreamweaver Templates and Free CSS Website Templates that you can check out!

Dreamweaver – First Steps

These directions have been updated to work for Dreamweaver CS3 or CS4.

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